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The Mindset of Successful Forex Trader

As trading professionals, our team at FX Evolve has the privilege to interact and communicate with successful fund managers, CTA's, and private traders on a regular basis. Once you begin interacting with professional traders on a regular basis, one of the most striking insights you quickly gain is that no two professionals trade exactly the same way. In fact, it is quite common to talk with two different traders, who are equally successful in their own rite, who have completely opposite views on the market. So if it isn't strategy or methodology, what is it that all successful traders have in common? In our experience, the common characteristic that nearly every successful trader shares is that they have discovered how to cultivate a strong and powerful mindset that is conducive to trading. If you have been trading for any period of time, you understand that trading is a psychological battle. It is imperative that your mindset is supporting and empowering you throughout the day. Professional trader Daniel Shortridge will be sharing insights he has gleaned from his own trading journey, and we will provide several practical exercises you can engage in to develop a stronger mindset to help support you in your trading journey. The beauty of personal development is that the journey never ends. Wednesday evening will be a great opportunity to continue to grow and develop the mental fortitude essential for success, not only in trading, but in all areas of life.
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