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Top Real Life Proven Forex Trading Strategies of Professional Forex Traders Part 2 In part 2 of this series I will demonstrate another of the top, most important, most effective Forex trading strategies that traders who earn their sole income from trading now consider to be absolutely essential to success in Forex trading. This video is about an advanced Forex trading strategy which I call "seeking clarity". Why do some traders sort through pairs and select a small group of pairs to focus on and why does that small group of 1 to 5 currency pairs always shift and change from time to time? What is the actual process for selecting those pairs and what are they looking for? Why are these traders eliminating some pairs and choosing others and why do they keep getting such incredible results over and over? If you are looking for a Forex trading signal and one pair that you normally trade seems to have nothing but chaos, why is it that some traders are able to locate excellent trading opportunities for entry and exit on other pairs? Not all professional Forex traders are aware of these trading strategies but some of those who are aware keep hauling in PIPS on a regular basis. The Forex trading strategy that some consider to be the most essential for getting results is this one revealed in this video. http
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